Why Nice Socks?  It's a simple story.  Robert likes wearing socks that have a bit of color and flair.  On the day he signed the agreement for his first consulting engagement, he happened to run into a longtime friend who worked in the same office building.  His friend saw his socks and said, "Nice socks!"  The encounter seemed like fate; the company's name was born.

who we are

Consultant Speak Not Spoken


Nice Socks Consulting

​We believe in bringing a common sense approach to deliver solutions to your business. Consultant speak is not spoken. Each company is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you and your one-of-a-kind challenges.

We offer a range of consulting services, all designed to help your company reach its full potential. Whether you're looking for a small tweak, a complete overhaul or need an experienced part-time executive, we have you covered. Our specialties are information technology, operational improvement, project management, business strategy and fractional executive services.

our approach

Problem solving. Risk management. Technical savviness. Financial analysis.  Coming off a successful tenure as a CIO for a leading marketing services company, our principal consultant, Robert Neill, brings these skills every day to enable efficient operations through blending a strong financial accounting background ,  a common sense approach to management and extensive experience in technology roles. Armed with a consultative approach from his days at Big 4 firm KPMG Consulting and over 15 years in corporate leadership roles, Robert avoids technology for technology’s sake and seeks opportunities to improve business performance and help his clients deliver a high level of service to internal and external customers. His goal is to drive value for his clients.  You can peek into Robert's mind at: www.robertnotbob.net